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25 years

The internet turned 25 years old this week. The starting point was a plain web site with a white back ground and black text. It was primitive to say the lease, but in its time, it was an amazing advancement…. Continue Reading →

Peace of mind

We all feel how stressful our world has become. It sometimes feels that the balancing act is doomed from the start. So many responsibilities, so many demands, and so many needs to be met, the can overwhelm us and cause… Continue Reading →

Running scared

This article will be filled with questions. I hope they will be questions that will make you think and reflect. The simple fact is life can be hard. Whether you are in the top one percent or living below the… Continue Reading →

The great president

In the last hundred years of American politics, there is one president who stands head and shoulders above the rest. His name was Franklin D Roosevelt. His wife was named Eleanor and she stood next to him as first lady,… Continue Reading →

Social media technology

Social media has long been an essential tool used for communication within and throughout our species. The spoken word is a form of social media. To be frank, we don’t really know when language was invented or it has always… Continue Reading →

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