The internet turned 25 years old this week. The starting point was a plain web site with a white back ground and black text. It was primitive to say the lease, but in its time, it was an amazing advancement. Who knew what that one page would lead to? The internet has been the single most influential technological advancement of the last century. It rivals the invention of flight.

Over the years, more and more people have bravely stepped into the online world. At this point, more than seventy percent of the human population, in every country in the world, uses the internet in some way every day. Communications have been revolutionized causing many forms of the same to become obsolete. It has become possible to reach an audience of every larger proportion in every corner of the globe. That first web site looks like a dinosaur when compared with the web sites of today. Blogs, chatrooms, real time video conferencing, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and so many more companies have sprung up as a result of the internet revolution.

And revolution is not too strong a word. The internet played a large part in the Arab Spring and other revolutions around the world. Dictators were toppled because of the unmatched power of online organization. As an author, I have watched the publishing world get turned upside down in a decade. Traditional publishers are on the way out. Three out of every four books sold are e books. Traditional book stores are closing all over the land, while Amazon has become one of the largest online publishing companies in existence, maybe one of the largest companies in existence. An author can finish a book on a Monday and publish it for free in an hour.

Now what about promotion? The internet can be an incredible tool or an extreme hindrance. It all depends on how you approach it. If you are a techie, then you are fortunate and can do all your promotion with ease, but for the rest of us, the internet is overwhelming and confusing. It can confound an author to the point where he or she is ready to stop writing all together. I am sure that many a writing career has ended because of the sheer frustration of poor promotional skills and knowledge.

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