Social media has long been an essential tool used for communication within and throughout our species. The spoken word is a form of social media. To be frank, we don’t really know when language was invented or it has always been a part of the human experience. The thing we do know is that the spoken word is ancient. Now, the written word came along after and we have a better idea of its origins.

The first written words are called Cuneiform and it is generally accepted that they were first used in ancient Mesopotamia (more specifically Sumer) and in Mesoamerica. They are dated to somewhere around 3200 BCE. Since that time, the spoken language and the written word has spread the entire human population and has undergone an almost infinite evolution. There are roughly 6500 various forms of spoken language in the world at this time. Local dialects in different countries split those languages into a hundred times the variation.

As time pressed on for our species, we invented ways of communicating on a non-facial basis. It probably started with signals, possibly of smoke, sent over a mile or so. After that we managed to increase the span of our non-face to face communication. In the last two hundred years, we have gone from Morse code to email and Skype. The telephone was also a large player in this recent evolution. In the early eighteen hundreds the first trans-ocean communication was achieved. It was in the form of a telegraph. Eventually, in the span of about fifty to eighty years, worldwide communication was a reality, thanks to buried cables under the oceans and the telephone.

This changed our globe. New travelled faster and faster to a point where we can get it in real time today. There was a time when a letter sent from one side of the ocean took a week or more to reach the other side. In two hundred years, the globe has been mastered by written and spoken words and by moving pictures as well. As an example, the entire world watched in real time as the second plane hit the World Trade Center building on September 11, how far we have come.

Instant communication has changed every face of our lives. We can stick our head in the sand and try to ignore its overall domination of society, but we do so at our own peril. Information is power, whether it is being transmitted or received. The better we can master the arts of transmitting information and receiving it, the better we can stay on top of our ever changing times. But what if you are computer disabled like me? Every time I touch a computer, something seems to go wrong. It is uncanny.

Thankfully I found a solution to my ailment. I hired a virtual assistant. Now I don’t go near a computer unless I have to. I leave it up to my hired assistant. He is extremely productive and effective allowing me to keep up with the rat race and to prosper in my business. Without him, I would not only have my head in the sand, I would literally be buried in it. I just want to say thank you and tell him how much I appreciate his services. So I say, “Salamat Po” which means thank you very much in Tagalog, the preferred spoken language in the Philippines.