In the last hundred years of American politics, there is one president who stands head and shoulders above the rest. His name was Franklin D Roosevelt. His wife was named Eleanor and she stood next to him as first lady, outshining all other first ladies to come. Some may dispute this couple’s superiority and mention other presidents and their wives who have come close in stature, but in my opinion, the Roosevelts were exceptional and unmatched.

Franklin D Roosevelt had quite a life story. He was born into wealth and privilege in the late eighteen hundreds. He grew up with tutors, maids, and all the trappings of the upper class of that time. Some might call this a silver spoon, but it never effected his convictions and his desire to help those in need. He was educated at Harvard, but was only an average student. Still, in three years he had his degree and a few years later he took the bar exam, to become a lawyer.

During this time, he married Eleanor Roosevelt, his fifth cousin and the niece of another great president, Theodore Roosevelt. Franklin was tall, affable, and attractive to women. He had all the right tools in life, and he used them well. When he grew bored with the practice of law, he transitioned into politics, slowly making his way toward the presidency. His star was on the rise, and it seemed that nothing could stand in his way.

Then tragedy struck. While on vacation in Canada, he contracted polio. He lost the use of his legs and became depressed. He was convinced that his dream of political success was over. Eleanor convinced him to persevere in spite of this incredible set back. He fought to find a cure, without success, and then accepted his limitations. He got braces for his legs and was able to walk short distances.  Eventually, he picked himself up and found the strength and tenacity to fight his way to the pinnacle of political achievement. He became president in March of 1933. The country was in the midst of the great depression and he faced the greatest crisis in American history. He quickly got to work and passed the new deal, along with creating a brain trust of economic advisors. He instituted massive infrastructure projects and created agencies to help the people with their most important needs.

By 1935 the economy was back on track and improving significantly. This crisis and his polio diagnoses are the two things that define his story and his legacy. He faced incredible adversity but was able to overcome with determination and incredible will power. His example instilled confidence in the American people and helped them to regain their hope and eventually their prosperity.

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