Team work while working alone
Being a VA or Virtual Assistant is certainly a unique job. There is a rather short commute. Wash your face and brush your teeth. You make your breakfast and perhaps send the kids off to school, then it is time to get online or in other words…go to work. co-workers or managers are hundreds – maybe thousands of miles away. It’s quiet and as you sip your coffee or tea, and see the morning sunshine beaming through the window- you smile. You smile because you are working in an office of one, yet are part of a team.

va_copVirtual Assistants work alone from their home yet work with a team of managers and other VA’s. That is the beauty of it.  Usually you can set the times that you do your work. You can take your lunch and breaks when you would like. However as we all know, no one person is an island. If you network with other VA’s or work for a company that hires teams there is always someone to step in when you are having difficulty with a task, we can go to other VA’s for help. As well, there are many projects that require more than one VA, so VA’s communicate and work together constantly.  The amazing thing is many VA’s work with other VA’s and even clients who live in other cities or even countries. So you can say that as a VA you work from home but at the same time you are connected to the whole world! It keeps you on your toes and keeps things interesting.

Another fascinating aspect of being a VA is your work is never the same from day to day. You have to be open minded because you never know what type of task you will get to tackle. Every client is unique and has different needs. One client may have some technological needs while another may have some creative ones. On any given day, you may do several completely different tasks. At 10 AM you may build someone’s website then after lunch you may be doing some creative writing. That is part of the adventure of being a VA. You are often not doing the same thing day in and day out. There are many things a VA can do. The list is endless because every client or small business owner has totally unique needs. Some may need you to do technical tasks such as monitoring their website and doing SEO. Some clients may set up their calls so you receive them like a receptionist. Some clients may have you do some personal research like help plan a wedding, a vacation, or a business trip.

There are some clients who are too busy to do some time consuming tasks such as checking emails or making phone calls and will pass them on to you.  Many VA’s enjoy the unpredictability of their jobs. It’s like an adventure every day!

The trick to being a successful VA is to balance all of your tasks with your personal life. Some VA’s have babies or older children that they must tend to. You have to learn to schedule your work around your home responsibilities. If you have to leave your home at 8:00 AM to bring the kids to school, you know that once you get home you must start working. This is a commitment like any office job with clients and team mates depending on you. Usually the time of the day or night you work does not matter. There is typically a 24 hour turnaround time for most tasks. Therefore as long as you complete your tasks within the time range you can generally work anytime.

So as a VA you must reach out for a helping hand when you need it. There is definitely a team spirit with other VA’s. va_assist If you work for a company, a VA has his/her own office, but they are all a part of an office. So basically working solo is not truly working alone.  Working as a VA gives you a wonderful feeling of independence and you don’t have to worry about being micromanaged. You do have to be organized, reliable, honest, and trustworthy. Once your clients know they can depend on you to fulfill their needs according to their deadlines, your job situation can be a dream come true. There are many reasons that encourage people to become VA’s. Some are stay at home parents and want to be home with their little ones. Some are disabled and it allows them to be comfortable working from home. Some people just rather not sit in traffic or get up extra early for the commute. However the best part about being a VA to many is being able to work in your jammies.